Marriage and Family Weekend with Paul Coneff — Feb 12 & 13, 2016

7:00 pm  Friday night – Choices In the Garden – Consequences In The Marriage
11:00 am Sabbath church – What Happens When God Enters Into Our Stories?
3:00 pm  Sabbath afternoon – What Do I Do When I’ve Run Out Of Love?  Discovering What Supernatural Love Looks Like In Real Life
4:30 pm Sabbath evening –  How Do We Keep the Love Growing and the Fire Burning In the Midst Of Daily Distractions and Challenges of Life?



With Paul Coneff

Paul Coneff

Paul Coneff is the author of “The Hidden Half of the Gospel: How His Suffering Can Heal Yours” with his co-writer, Lindsey Gendke, ( and the president of Straight 2 the Heart’s non-profit discipleship ministry (

His book and discipleship ministry emphasizes the way Christ fulfilled prophecy as our “Suffering Messiah” when He was abandoned, betrayed, abused and rejected so He could “suffer being tempted like we are…so He could help us” (Heb. 2:17-18; 4:14-15; Luke 24:24-26, 44-46; Isaiah 53 etc.).

He is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, (WA State–LF 00002644) with an M.A. Religion, and 25+ years in pastoral ministry. After spending 10,000+ hours applying “prayer and ministry of the Word,” (Acts 6:4) and training others in many countries around the world, Paul believes that prayer is the greatest power on earth because prayer connects us with “Christ, the Wonderful Counselor,” and the supernatural power of His suffering, death and resurrection.

His passion is training pastors, members and couples to experience freedom in Christ as they experience the Hidden Half of the Gospel. Each of his discipleship training resources need to pass the test of being Biblical, simple and reproducible in the lives of others, multiplying people into their calling as sons and daughters of God.

He is married Cristina. They live in Texas with Carolina, their 15-year old daughter and “celebrator of life,” and her dogs. Paul loves racquetball, reading and seeing the local church developing discipleship teams who are impacting their community for Christ, with the whole gospel, for the whole person, going to the whole world. (Rev. 14:6)

By the way – Paul is also a Weimar Graduate!