Prophecies of Health and Hope Update!

Dear Prophecies of Health and Hope Attendees,

We are excited that you have come to Prophecies and Health & Hope!

We hope to see you tonight when our topic will be: How to Eradicate Crime and Gun violence.  Also, tonight we have a special musical artist who’s clear voice we are sure will inspire you.

Additionally, all who have attended the first 5 seminar will receive the DVD – Ancient Health, which shares 8 secrets that will bring hope and health.


Our seminar continues with the following topics!

April 8th, Friday
6:45pm• Topic #6 – The Rise & Attack of The Antichrist
• Health Topic – Health & the Cycle of Seven’s
April 9th, Saturday  
   9:30 am • Health Topic – The American Blue Zone
11:30 am• Topic #7 – The Blue Stone & Prophetic Health
12:00 Noon Meal Provided
5:00 pm• Topic #9 – The Body Soul Connection
• Health Topic – Dualism & Health
6:20 pm Light Supper Provided
6:45 pm• Topic #10 – Life after Death
• Health Topic – The Healing Power of Water!
Those attending these next five seminars will receive a copy of the book Blue Zones.
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Hope to see you soon!
Don Mackintosh & Dr. Nedley & the Prophecies of Health Team