UPDATE ON COVID 19 8/22/2020

We have been enjoying the outdoor worship services. We will be keeping household groups, social distanced in our sunshade area. Please continue to make your reservations. We encourage you all to attend the early morning service, where the pastor is giving his present truth messages. With the fires that are transpiring though out our state, the air quality has been less than optimal. Please keep an eye on the air quality index and decide on your own whether to attend. We are still live streaming our services.

Everyone please bring your hymnals. You may want to bring sun glasses and some shade, for it will be hot and sunny for those who do not have a reservation. The 8 am service will be cooler. There will be limited chairs available, so bring your comfortable lawn chairs.

Please remember that masks and social distancing are mandated by the State of California.

Please remember to give your offering on line.

You still may view on line at weimarchurch.org and click on the livestream tab.