Ion Bazgan

Born in communist and predominantly orthodox Romania, Ion emigrated to the US with his brother and parents when he was 12 years old. As a teenager and young adult, Ion grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and attended UC Davis, where he earned degrees in Economics and German. More than half of his professional experience of 29+ years in accounting and finance, Ion spent as an Accounting Manager for an earth science consulting company based in the Bay Area. Currently, Ion serves as the Controller for the California Grocers Association in Sacramento.

Ion and Lidia have 3 children, Vlad, Andrada and Tudor. Ion moved back to Romania in the mid-2000’s, after meeting Lidia. After Tudor was born, Ion brought the family to live in the US. He accepted Jesus as his Savior in 2017, after attending their first church for a few years, after starting to read the Bible and realizing how the Lord had actually led throughout his life and in Lidia’s life.

Ion, Lidia and Tudor moved to Weimar in the second half of 2019 to become part of the Weimar community, one year after seeing college students from the Weimar University lead vespers, Sabbath school and services and sing hymns at the their old church in the Bay Area. They had a special presence about them that impressed Lidia and Ion to the point where they visited Weimar shortly thereafter. After a few visits, Lidia and Ion were convinced that they wanted to move and continue Tudor’s education in the Weimar environment.