Jason Hoewig

Jason Hoewing has lived on  Weimar campus since the Fall of  2020 with his wife Bonnie, who is on the  faculty with the university’s nursing program, and his 3 young daughters.. Jason formerly served as a lay pastor at Garnet SDA Church in Wilder, Idaho, and worked as an EMT, a building contractor, and farmer.


Jason is currently studying as a full-time Master’s student in the Biblical Missions and Wellness program at Weimar University. He is also the director of Total Community Involvement with the University, which is a campus-wide friendship evangelism initiative that utilizes Christ’s method of teaching, preaching, and healing in the local communities surrounding Weimar University.


Jason enjoys helping people learn about how to make the health message of the Seventh-day Adventist church practical and possible, and showing new believers the power of the gospel.