Adult Sabbath School

Purpose of Sabbath School: While the worship hour is critical, Sabbath School is even more so. Regarding the health of the congregation and our God-given mission, Sabbath school is the heart of the church. As we collectively study deeply about our Savior and true love set forth by the Bible, it is transformative to our Christian walk. Indeed, Sabbath School is where we apply healing to a hurting world!


Sabbath School for Adults is at 10:00 a.m.


We offer many different class options. We recommend that you visit several classes before selecting one!

Main Sabbath school

Teacher- Dr. Dojcin Zivadonovic


Meets in the Haskell Hall main sanctuary and covers the Adult Sabbath School quarterly.


This Sabbath School is livestreamed on the church website.

Spanish Sabbath School

Teacher- Rodolfo Ramirez


Meets in the Haskell Hall room 305 and covers the Adult Sabbath School quarterly.


Language spoken is spanish.

New Believers Sabbath School

Teacher- RJ Gamboa


Meets in the Health Classroom in Douglass hall room and is geared towards discipling newly converted church members into the church.

Discussion Sabbath School

Teachers: A variety of teachers


Meets in Haskell Hall Rm 310 and covers the Adult Sabbath School quarterly. It is a smaller Sabbath School and sharing is encouraged.

Stallant Branch Sabbath School

Teacher- Eugene Prewitt


Meets in the Stallant kitchen and covers various topics including health topics.

Fil-Am Sabbath School

Teacher- Dennis Borillo


Meets in the Student Center lobby and covers the Adult Sabbath School quarterly. Languages spoken Tagalog and english

Collegiate Sabbath School

Dive into Bible Stories

Teachers: Joshua Schulterbrandt and Jonathan D’ugo


Meets in college building Rm DH 225

Nehemiah & Leadership

Teachers: Heidi Krick, Kevin & Julie Nutchoo, and Savannah Serle


Meets in college building Rm DH 275

The Letter of James

Teachers: Aidan Martell, Ellen Hartman, and Lilienne Stafford


Meets in the college building lobby

Fellowship Meal Ministry

Fellowship meal is a special time for Weimar Campus Church where we can get together and eat.  It is a time where we can share and get to know one another in a more intimate setting. 


Weekly, the new believers will have a fellowship meal after the worship service in the Gazebo by the cafeteria during good outside weather, and in the Student Center when the weather gets cold.  A few times a year there is a church wide fellowship meal that occurs during the year outside of Haskell Hall. 


Fellowship meal ministry is a vital part of helping to heal a hurting world, especially if you are hungry.

Women’s Ministry

Weimar Women’s Ministry mission is to unite as sisters in Christ to encourage and heal hurting women. Partnering with Christ, we serve our local ladies through: Bible study, prayer groups, special events & retreats, and creating a loving and supportive community.


For more information, or to get involved, please email us at