Haskell Hall

Haskell Hall is the main meeting center for the university where the University has its school of Nursing in the building. The Hall holds 360 people and most meetings and seminars are held and live streamed here.  This is also where the church meets every Wednesday night, Friday night and Sabbath.  Haskell Hall is named after Stephen N Haskell SDA adventist evangelist and pioneer of the SDA church.

The Loop

The Campus loop starts at the Weimar Inn and goes around the campus in a loop for ½ mile. It has some challenging hills and wonderful views of the campus. You will see many people walking the loop most part of the day.

The Sabbath Trails

Weimar Trails- We have 17 miles of beautiful  hiking trails behind weimar. A wonderful way to spend sabbath afternoon, Weimar Campus church in conjunction with TCI, had built the Sabbath Trails, where large visible granite rocks with a bible study on each stone can be seen. We have a total of 32 rocks that can be studied.

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Weimart is the healthiest grocery store in town. It has healthy snacks, frozen food and many dry goods. Books and other resources are available for purchase.


Store hours 10am-6pm Monday thru thursday, Friday 10am until 3pm, (877) 934-6278. Please come by to say hi to Dennis the store manager.

Ellen G White Museum

The EGW Study Center, renowned for its exceptional resources on the works of Ellen White and other church pioneers, is situated on the lower level of the Weimar University Library. As you enter the campus, it is located to your left. The Library’s operating hours are displayed at the entrance and are also available on the Library’s website.



Weimar Inn

Weimar Inn is the best place in Weimar, if you are out of town and need a place to stay while visiting Weimar Campus church.  They have rooms from the basic twin room to an executive suite to accommodate your needs. It is located walking distance to Haskell hall where church services take place. Bonnie the Innkeeper will make sure you are well taken care of.


Call 530-422-7933 for more information or visit weimarinn.com


The Campus cafeteria boasts the best vegetarian food in the Sierra Foothills. It serves guests from the community,out of town, the  NEWSTART and Depression Recovery guests, as well as the staff and students at the academy, university and elementary school. If you are visiting on Sabbath you will need to purchase your tickets ahead of time before Wednesday. 


Visit the website for more information. weimar.edu/student-services/cafeteria-menu/



Elementary School

Weimar Elementary School K-8, provides high quality christian education to its students. Weimar Campus Church also supports the operations of the school, There is a full time staff plus the University rotates through the classes.


The website is currently under construction.



Weimar Academy

Weimar Academy is located on the campus of Weimar University and serves both boarding and day students in grades 9-12.  Our motto is “Proving God Right” and our goal is to lead each student to personally know Jesus and His saving, victorious grace. Besides offering core high school classes, Weimar Academy includes music (choir and orchestra) work education, and weekly community outreach, known as TCI, in its curriculum.


For more information visit their website weimaracademy.org

Weimar University

Weimar University is housed in Douglas Hall, named after Herbert Douglas, the first president of Weimar Institute. The university provides degrees in nursing, religion, education, business, psychology, and premed.


Please visit their website at weimar.edu