Children’s Sabbath Schools

The Sabbath School is an important experience that contributes to the vitality of the church by providing Biblical knowledge and opportunity for spiritual growth in the lives of our young people. 


The inspired word tells us: There is a broad field in Sabbath-school work, that needs to be diligently cultivated, and that is to inspire our youth to give themselves wholly to the Lord, to be used by Him in His cause. There should be zealous, faithful workers in our Sabbath-schools, who will watch and discern upon whom the Spirit of God is moving, and cooperate with the angels of God in winning souls for Christ. There are sacred responsibilities intrusted to Sabbath-school workers, and the Sabbath-school should be the place where, through a living connection with God, men and women, youth and children, may be so fitted up that they shall be a strength and blessing to the church. They should help the church upward and onward, as far as it lies in their ability, going from strength to greater strength.

Primary Sabbath School

The Primary class (ages 7-9) teaches the Bible through investigative approaches. Students learn the books of the Bible so they can search and read the Bible on their own. The class is inspired by mission stores from around the world and lessons learned through nature. Students

learn that Jesus hears their prayers and that He loves them.


Junior Sabbath School

The Junior class (ages 10-12) seeks to embrace the youth, showing them the love of Jesus through lesson studies, music, discussion, and activities outside of Sabbath School. Their goal is to empower young people to become leaders for Christ.

Youth Sabbath School

Come join us for an exciting discussion based youth sabbath school program! Each week a relevant topic for youth is explored through music, interactive activities, stories, and a discussion based study of God’s word. Ages 14-18 are welcome!


Kindergarten Sabbath School

The Kindergarten class (ages 4-6) teaches preschoolers the stories in the Bible through music, experiences, and crafts. They are introduced to Jesus, instilling a love for Him and His Word.’


Cradle Roll  Sabbath School

The Cradle Roll class (ages 0-3) teaches little ones about the love of Jesus through songs, action, and fingerplays. Children learn to share, take turns, and appreciate God’s creation.

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School is a nationwide program that many churches offer including the Weimar Campus Church. The program incorporates activities and teaching sessions in a fun and interactive way to learn about God and His love for us.  It is an easy way where the children get involve in church and give the adults a way to meet the people in the church. Vacation Bible School is a part of helping to heal a hurting world


Pathfinders of the Weimar Campus Church is a group of young people ages 10-15, directed by adult church members that learn a variety of skills and activities such as camping & survival skills, marching, age appropriate leadership training.


Activities promoting community pride & involvement through outreach activities such as helping in downtown soup kitchens, collecting food for the disadvantaged, cleaning & maintaining city and county parks, visiting the elderly, and MANY more. There is interactive training in a variety of recreational, artistic, nature, conservation, vocational, and outreach areas, with awards (honors) given for successful completion of the interactive training modules.


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