Andrew Kuninobu

Andrew Kuninobu was born in Southern California. However, he spent his formative years, from age 8 to 18, growing up on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. He has been involved in church work since the year he spent as a student missionary in Japan during college. He was ordained as an elder at the Fallbrook SDA Church and through the years, taught a number of Sabbath school classes including Juniors, Earliteen, Youth, and Young Adult. He also helped in the Pathfinder Club.


He now serves as an elder at Weimar Campus Church and helps in the Junior division at the Weimar Campus Church. He splits his work time between a rural health clinic and the NEWSTART Lifestyle Program. In his free time, he enjoys being out in nature by hiking, bicycling, and camping.

He and his wife, Eileen, have three adult children. He has many favorite Bible verses, one of them being Galatians 2:20