Masato Kinjo

Masato was born in Okinawa, Japan and raised here in California.  Early in his life he learned that medical missionary service should be an integral part of the work of every church member.  He had served as deacon and elder in several different congregations both here in America and in Japan.


Masato had  graduated from Bastyr University in Seattle with a degree in Naturopathic medicine and was in clinical practice for 10 years in the Seattle area. In 2017, Masato was invited to join the Natural Science faculty at Weimar university. He and his wife Mariko have been blessed with three beautiful daughters (Michelle, Erica, and Eireen).


Michelle, a graduate in nursing from Weimar, married a Weimar classmate (Daniel Byrkit) and now we are blessed with our first grandson!  Erica works as the Registrar for Weimar and Eireen is in the Academy hoping to go on to nursing school at Weimar. 


Music is a big part of his family – Mariko teaches music here at Weimar and all their children play in the college ensemble.  The family enjoys singing together and playing music together as a family. The family loves to grow gardens, paddleboard, and backpack during the warmer months.  When winter comes, skiing and snowboarding in the mountains are a favorite pastime

Favorite Bible verse is Micah 6:8.